Old Green River Theater Won’t be Sexually-Oriented Business

Old Green River Theater Won’t be Sexually-Oriented Business

Gary Killpack at a Green River City Council meeting. File photo.

Update: This article was updated to correct a sentence that had ended prematurely.

GREEN RIVER – Following the approval of a liquor license for Green River’s old movie theater Tuesday night, a lot of speculation has taken place regarding a comment made about the entertainment being “adult only.”

One use for the theater that wouldn’t conform to Green River’s zoning regulations would be usage as a sexually-oriented business. 

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According to Green River’s zoning regulations, a sexually-oriented business cannot be located within 500 feet of any school, licensed daycare center, church, public park, recreation center, youth organization, library, museum, other sexually-oriented business, dwelling, or boundary of any residential zone district. Those boundaries were used in 2021 to prohibit the Mast Lounge from reopening as a sexually oriented business on Flaming Gorge Way.

Mark Westenskow, the public works director for the city, said a 500-foot buffer zone around the theater building would include residential homes and portions of the Monroe Elementary School property. Those boundary intrusions would cause the city to deny a sexually-oriented business permit request.

While a sexually-oriented business isn’t in the cards, there are people concerned about how the Green River City Council issued the liquor license. 

Councilman Gary Killpack said he received an email from a resident upset that the Council issued the license without knowledge of what kind of business would be occupying the building. In this situation, the city essentially issued a liquor permit to a building that would need to be transferred to the occupying business once it is set up within the structure. The building is owned by Full Circle Realty, which also applied for the permit.

The city has long held a retail liquor license for a potential second grocery store. However, with the approval Tuesday night, the city no longer has a vacant liquor license to award. Discussion has taken place about allowing cities the ability to issue liquor permits, but the issue was killed during the last legislative session in Cheyenne. 

Killpack said he is aware a sexually-oriented business wouldn’t be possible in the theater location as there isn’t zoning for those types of businesses in the city and would need to be approved as a non-conforming use. He also says the Council wouldn’t approve that kind of business coming to Green River.

“There’s no place in town zoned for it,” Killpack said. “No one on the Council would vote for that.”

Killpack said the building’s owner mentioned gaming as a possible use for the space. While the city has limited control over what businesses do operate within Green River, Killpack said he would be opposed to any adult-oriented business moving into the old theater.

“I will not vote for any kind of adult-only activities in a building like that,” he said.