OPINION: Democrats Obsessed with January 6 Riot

OPINION: Democrats Obsessed with January 6 Riot

This opinion piece was written and submitted by Jena McCulloch.

The Democrat Party’s continuous mania over the January 6 Capitol riots is borderline pathological.

There seems to be no limit to their absurdity. Pelosi and her minions in Congress need a dose of sanity, not a probing “select committee.”  

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Calling the raucous crowds of January 6 an insurrection is a grave mischaracterization. The violent overthrow of a government would take more than fire extinguishers and pepper spray. The most menacing weapon found amongst the Jan. 6 coordinators was a flag-wielding Q Anon Shaman’s spear.

While he may have scared a few, he wasn’t exactly adequately armed to challenge the National Guard, Capitol Hill Police, and other law enforcement officers with a Stone Age weapon and a trumpet horn speaker.

Jacob Anthony Chansley, this “violent insurrectionist,” who is a “threat to our democracy,” is in prison for six months in solitary confinement. This is nothing less than political tyranny.

There is a want for equal application of justice between January 6 rioters and protests in cities over the past year. But don’t you dare ask about those countless riots in 2020, which the left praises in the name of BLM. 

Attacks on police by right-wing Capitol rioters are covered, and rightly so. But there is little said about the hundreds of left-wing rioters and Antifa members who have attacked the NYPD and other officers.

The authoritarian left malevolently arms themselves with embellishments of January 6 in order to justify constant subdual of those they claim could be organizing another “violent coup.” Besides, journalists need material to divert from inflation, mounting gas prices, and the southern border crisis.

So, they concoct reasons to take the news cycle back to January. Because of the actions of a couple hundred people, they say that the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump are in some way domestic terrorists. But anything is better than permitting the public to see one of Biden’s bizarre, slurred speeches.

They built a wall around the Capitol to keep conservative “terrorists” out. But when it comes to stopping drug smugglers and sex traffickers at the southern border, they say that “walls don’t work.”  

Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, Antifa, BLM, big tech, and the media are all oblivious. Deprecate conservatives and support Antifa and BLM. Big tech has no qualms with BLM’s Marxist rhetoric, but they ban conservative websites.

There is no end to corruption when it comes to snuffing the Republic and patriots who love their country. How sick is this?

It was a riot, not an insurrection. According to Democrat ideals, they should be calling it a “mostly peaceful protest.” These same libs who sanctimoniously caution against an imminent “death to our democracy” also classify constitutional voting integrity laws as “Jim Crow 2.0.”