OPINION: Hunters Claim Local Contest Winners Were Not Awarded Prizes



The following was written and submitted by Kyle Kennedy.


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“I don’t usually let things get to me but something happened today that I just cannot get off my mind and it just continues to piss me off…. I’m sure most of you follow the Wyoming Monster Bucks Facebook and Instagram pages and drool over all the trophy deer on there page like I do…. This year they had a Big Buck Contest and there were some Monster Mule Deer turned in!

I loved seeing all of the posts. It seemed like a really great thing they had going! Followers liked the photo of the deer they liked the most and that decided the winners. They had men’s, women’s, and a youth division! Winners were announced on their page and prizes were “sent out”. So we thought…..

My friends son who took 2nd place in the youth division with a gorgeous buck that he is so proud of has been waiting for months for his prize. We were all kids once. Think about how excited you were to accomplish and win something…. It didn’t matter if your prize was a pocket knife, a hat, or a gun….. To a kid that was like winning a lottery. These kids are the future of the outdoors! We should be doing everything to keep them wanting to hunt, fish, etc. We should be keeping every promise we make to them! They should be rewarded when they do awesome things.

Well my buddies son, other people’s children, men, and women didn’t receive those prizes they earned and were promised. That isn’t right! There are some heartbroken children that you let down and there are some pissed off adults. Why put something like that on if you don’t plan to follow through with your contest when it comes time to pay up?

Taxidermist donated their work to a lucky winner…. Company’s like Phoneskope, Way of Life Productions, Redy etc donated some of their product(hundreds of dollars) to the people lucky enough to harvest some of the biggest mule deer in Wyoming this year…. How do you think it is right to keep those things and not give them to the winners of your contest? That is low and as a sportsman you should be better then that! Think about someone besides yourself! Don’t put together contests like this and continue to make promises you can’t keep!

The sponsors are gathering up some of their product to resend to these winners. Myself as well as other hunters throughout Wyoming are currently working to get these kids(the future of our sport) the prizes they were promised.”


The following was written and submitted by Brittany Chick Wenzel.

“I wanted to attach my opinion on Kyle Kennedy’s post about Wyoming Monster Bucks…..

I first off wanted to thank him and everyone on that post that are stepping up to raise money to help fix the “not getting their prizes for winning the contest” we have a great community and I was surprised to see the sponsors who actually donated in the first place get on and are donating even more to the winners after this site and person stole the stuff! I think this page can say everyone is lying but I think after 379 comments…we know who is lying! Sad deal that it wasn’t all about hunting or landscaping. He needs to be brought to justice and the public needs to know to avoid that FB page and him at all costs.”