Sweetwater County Sheriff Shares Message on George Floyd’s Tragic Death

Sweetwater County Sheriff Shares Message on George Floyd’s Tragic Death

Dear fellow citizens of Sweetwater County,

By now, we have all seen the horrific video footage of George Floyd’s tragic death in Minneapolis. His death was, by any reasonable measure of professional policing, avoidable, excessive and criminal.

I haven’t heard anyone in our local law enforcement community argue that what those officers did is anything less than heinous. I commend Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo for taking decisive and necessary action by immediately terminating all four officers involved in the incident. I also strongly support that those involved in Floyd’s murder are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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There is perhaps no group who despises bad cops who tarnish the badge more than the 99% of good cops who genuinely enjoy helping people, who choose to serve their communities, and who are motivated to dedicate themselves to a cause larger than themselves. We are angry too.

The dedicated men and women of your sheriff’s office stand in solidarity with you against police brutality and the racism systemic to certain facets of the criminal justice system in this country. Please know that what happened in Minneapolis is NOT representative of your sheriff’s office nor of the way we do business here in this place we all call home.

The people of this community are our top priority and our most valued partners. Accountability, transparency and collaboration are the cornerstones of not only effecting tangible and substantive change but also of an ethical, community-oriented approach to modern policing. We cannot do our job or accomplish our mission without your support.

While our job is to enforce the law, our mission is to serve others, and we are merely a reflection and extension of those we serve. We are people first, cops second. We are also friends and neighbors, and we remain committed to working together during these troubling times to safeguard the shared values instilled in each of us as stewards of this great state and denizens of this community.

Sheriff John Grossnickle