Pac-12 Survivors Eye Football Alliance with Mountain West After Legal Win

Pac-12 Survivors Eye Football Alliance with Mountain West After Legal Win

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LARAMIE – It seems like there are significant developments in the college football landscape, particularly involving Oregon State and Washington State from the Pac-12 and their potential collaboration with the Mountain West conference according to Yahoo Sports. This leads to the Cowboys potentially facing one of the two teams once a year.

Here’s a summary of the key points

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  • Scheduling Alliance and Potential Merger:
    • Oregon State and Washington State are in talks with Mountain West officials for a two-year football scheduling alliance.
    • The agreement could be a stepping stone toward a long-term partnership or even a merger between the two conferences.
  • Scheduling Model:
    • A “7+1” format is being considered, where Mountain West teams would play seven conference games plus one game against either Oregon State or Washington State on a rotating basis.
    • Games against the Pac-12 schools wouldn’t count toward the Mountain West standings.
  • Financial Package and Penalties:
    • The agreement is expected to include a lucrative financial package for Mountain West members.
    • Oregon State and Washington State may face financial penalties if they attempt to acquire only a portion of Mountain West schools in the future.
  • Broadcasting Rights:
    • Mountain West home games against Oregon State and Washington State will be televised by Fox and CBS Sports Network.
    • The Pac-12 schools are likely to negotiate separate broadcasting agreements for their own home games.
  • Legal Victory:
    • Oregon State and Washington State recently secured a preliminary injunction against the 10 departing Pac-12 schools, granting them governing authority over the league and its assets.
  • Financial Implications:
    • The legal victory potentially gives Oregon State and Washington State access to millions of dollars in Pac-12 revenue from TV contracts, the Rose Bowl, and NCAA basketball tournament units.
  • Two-School Conference and Future Plans:
    • In the short term, Oregon State and Washington State plan to operate as a two-school conference for at least the next year or two, using a two-year NCAA grace period.
  • Postseason Changes:
    • Changes in the Pac-12 have led to alterations in the sport’s postseason, with recommendations for an expanded College Football Playoff format and eligibility criteria for conference champions.

The recent legal win of Oregon State and Washington State in the Pac-12 has paved the way for a potential two-year football alliance with the Mountain West. This collaboration, indicative of broader shifts in college football dynamics, could reshape scheduling, finances, and postseason structures.

The ongoing negotiations and evolving landscape underscore the transformative nature of the current developments in collegiate athletics.