PALS Welcomes New Assistant Directors, Shares Diverse Learning Environment

PALS Welcomes New Assistant Directors, Shares Diverse Learning Environment

Moneasha Gold (left) and Leslie Maciel both say working at PALS has broadened their ideas about the benefits of working in a diverse educational environment.

The Play And Learn School of Wyoming, LLC welcomes two new assistant directors to their expanding team who diverse assets to the preschool!

Leslie Maciel and Moneasha Gold both love working in an atmosphere where sharing different teaching styles helps strengthen the overall learning environment at PALS.

Leslie works with 2 and 3-year-old toddlers while Moneasha works with the 1-year old preschoolers. For Leslie, working at PALS affords her the added benefit of also being close to her daughter who attends the school.

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“It’s nice to be able to see her everyday and spend that little bit of time with her and be a little bit more focused on what her teachers tells me about how he day went,” Leslie says.

Moneasha says the philosophy at PALS is to keep everything positive and grow together through diverse styles of teaching and learning.

I think we all have our strengths in all different areas that we all bring together and form a unit with. Adding new is fun to watch because then we see a different approach than what any of us has and realize how it fits here too. It’s only going to help us grow and blossom as a facility.

Moneasha Gold, Assistant Director, Play and Learn School of Wyoming

She says this practice also carries over to the children when the kids react to a positive approach to learning that fits their unique, little personalities.


Both women acknowledge that the best part of their jobs is seeing the kiddos. Leslie says she’s been working on getting her CDA after graduating from high school, and Moneasha has always wanted to work in a child care setting.

She came to Rock Springs from Utah after working as a medical assistant, worked at Rock Springs Junior High, and spend some time homeschooling several of her friends’ children. When the opportunity opened up at PALS, she said she couldn’t pass it up.

“The most rewarding part of this jobs is getting to just love these kids and getting to spend the time with them that their parents can’t,” Moneasha said. “You can be feeling really horrible and you come here and the kids just gravitate and put their arms around you and it’s hard not to cry because the love is just enveloping.

More Information

PALS currently has openings for select age groups and is reserving spots for their summer programs as well as their regular school programs starting in September. If you’re interested in learning more about PALS and the programs it has to offer, visit their website or call 307-382-7257.

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