Parent Arrested At Rock Springs Child Developmental Center

Parent Arrested At Rock Springs Child Developmental Center

UPDATE, March 28 — According to the Rock Springs Police Department, officers were dispatched for a welfare check on an individual at the Rock Springs Child Developmental Center.

They contacted him inside his vehicle.

When the officer approached the vehicle there was a strong odor of marijuana and a K9 unit was deployed.

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The driver was subsequently arrested for possession of a controlled substance and use of a controlled substance. There was no evacuation of the building.

ROCK SPRINGS — An incident at the Rock Springs Child Developmental Center raised some concern in the community.

Earlier today a parent was reportedly arrested for being under the influence during pickup time at the facility.

“This morning at the Rock Springs CDC we had a parent who appeared to be ill. We called 911, and it was determined the man was under the influence, and he was arrested (hence, the ambulance and police cars). He did have a gun in his car (this is Wyoming); however, there was never any threat to by the police officers who had the situation under control. Most importantly, our students were safe the entire time. We’re sorry this caused some concerns during pick up time, but know, if there had been an emergency all parents would have been notified. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. Thanks, and have a great day! – Lu Kasper, Director

No word yet from law enforcement on the exact nature of the arrest.

Updates as we get them.