Perri Rubeck Announces Candidacy for Sweetwater County Assessor

Perri Rubeck Announces Candidacy for Sweetwater County Assessor

Perri Rubeck is running for Sweetwater County Assessor for the second time.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Green River resident and business owner Perri Rubeck has announced his bid for Sweetwater County Assessor in the 2022 election.

Rubeck made his announcement in the following statement:

My name is Perri Rubeck and I am running as a Republican for the Elected position of County Assessor.

I am a third generation member of Sweetwater County. I am a RSHS and WWC graduate. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho. I am the father of Chezni and Stone Rubeck and son of Debra and Mark Rubeck.

I am running again for County Assessor with a much more defined platform that what voters saw from me in 2018. I have spent the last four years studying land rights, the oath of the office sworn by public officials and the Constitution of the United States of America.

My qualifications to become the next elected Sweetwater County Assessor are that I am a land owner living on patented land and I understand the benefits and rights of land ownership. These rights are established by the United States Government and offer land owners living on patented land a FOREVER contract to Rights, Privileges and Immunities. This is an important concept to protecting lands for generations and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with the community for everyone’s benefit.

I want to earn your vote in August!!

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