#PHOTOS: Spring Migration Brings Colorful Change to Southwest Wyoming

#PHOTOS: Spring Migration Brings Colorful Change to Southwest Wyoming

A yellow warbler hangs out along the Green River enjoying a warm spring day in southwest Wyoming.

Serious bird watching became a must for Truman Elementary teacher Drew Roska and his wife when COVID-19 shut down many indoor activities last year.

They’ve always loved going to the Teton Mountains to look for and photograph wildlife, “but I didn’t start taking pictures of birds with a good camera until last year,” Drew said.

He recently spent some time along the greenbelt in Green River photographing several species as they make their way back into Wyoming for the summer.

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Drew recommends downloading the free Merlin app which can help aspiring bird watchers identify what they’re looking at in their yards or any other place.

From yellow warblers and Western tanagers, to robins, geese, cedar waxwings and American goldfinch, Drew snapped all of these great photos and was kind enough to share them with all of us. Enjoy!