Pinedale Game Wardens Report Slow Deer Hunting Season


PINEDALE — Game wardens for the Pinedale Region are reporting a slow deer hunting season overall. This was expected after the hard winter experienced last year, but the opening days also were met with rain, snow and generally “socked-in” conditions making hunting even more difficult.

North Pinedale Game Warden Bubba Haley reported some hunters opting to forego hunting mule deer this year because populations took such a hit and concentrating on elk hunting instead. Wildlife managers estimate the overall deer harvest to be about half of what it has been in recent years.

However, Big Piney Game Warden Adam Hymas and Wildlife Biologist Gary Fralick both report that it wasn’t all doom and gloom this season. Some hunters reported seeing several bucks and does with fawns and even some does with twin fawns. And despite the lower harvest, there were still several nice bucks taken again.