Pineda’s Kenpo Karate And Badland Bandits Donate To Mansface Terrace

Pineda’s Kenpo Karate And Badland Bandits Donate To Mansface Terrace

GREEN RIVER — Mansface Terrace has received a donation from Pineda’s Kenpo Karate and Badland Bandits.

The following is a press release from Mansface Terrace:

Mansface Terrace is independent living for low-income senior citizens. Mansface residents are Senior Citizens or individuals that need mobility assessable housing. Mansface Terrace is affordable housing for low-income seniors and even though their rent is subsidized the residents have the difficult choice of deciding where and what to spend their limited funds on.

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Last year we were trying to come up with an event that would be nice for Christmas but that would be of the most benefit the residents, and the “Pan-tree” was born. The staff of Mansface Terrace along with the local Smith’s the shelves of the “Pan-tree” were filled with special treats and groceries that due to their fixed incomes, our resident would consider a luxury. Some of the most popular items were ground beef, spices, fresh fruit and vegetables, butter and honey.

This year Mansface Terrace is so very grateful to have received two cash donations to be able to fill the shelves of our Pan-tree.

Pineda’s Kenpo Karate has generously donated $870.26 that they had fundraised for.

Pineda’s held numerous garage sales to raise the money. It has become a goal for the Pineda’s team become more active within the community and since respect for elders is a principle that is instilled in the Pineda’s students, they felt it was a natural fit to donate the money to Mansface.

In addition, the local motorcycle club Badland Bandits has gifted Mansface Terrace with $225.00. The Badland Bandits have also scheduled to come and have a BBQ and watch a movie with the Mansface Terrace residents this summer.

On Thursday, December 21st, we held a grand opening of the “Pan-Tree” and invited the Pineda’s Kenpo Karate Family to come and meet the residents. The residents truly appreciated all of the goodies that we were able to stock the shelves and they cherished the opportunity to meet the Karate Family!

In a culture that glorifies youth, it is often common for senior citizens to be forgotten it is nice to know that in Green River these two groups have not forgotten these individuals that have contributed to this community for so many years.