Planning & Zoning Approves Corthell Family Child Care Home Modification


ROCK SPRINGS — The city Planning & Zoning Commission gave approval at their Wednesday meeting to a Conditional Use Permit modification request by Ashley Corthell, for the Family Child Care Home which she operates at 1807 Fillmore Avenue.

Corthell received approval to increase the number of preschool sessions for a maximum of ten children, at any given time, with two sessions per day. The sessions are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

No opposition was expressed at the P&Z meeting to the Corthell request. Commissioner Tim Sheehan asked Corthell if she intended to operate the FCCH during the week between Christmas and New Year’s and she responded that her child care facility would not be open during that time frame.

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Besides Sheehan, commissioners Sue Lozier, Keaton West, Matthew Jackman and Gabe Bustos along with acting chairman Mike Shaw voted to approve the Corthell request. Regular chairman Joe Drnas and commissioners Lauren Schoenfeld and Dan Kennedy were absent.

City Planning Technician Amy Cox read off a list of stipulations which the Corthell FCCH must adhere to, or risk facing reversal of the expansion approval. Cox said the stipulations were standard for all prospective FCCH locations. Among the stipulations were approvals from the City’s Chief Building Official and the City’s Fire Inspector to operate a child care facility.

Corthell must also notify her clients in writing that they have to abide by the city’s traffic and parking ordinances when dropping off or picking up their children. Corthell is required to provide a copy of the traffic notification to the city’s Planning & Zoning Department as well as copies to property owners within 200 feet of her property at 1807 Fillmore Avenue.

The Conditional Use Permit can be revoked if the child care facility seriously impacts the health and welfare of the surrounding neighborhood, Cox said.

Sheehan added, “We want to be sure the traffic laws are obeyed, or if not, (the Permit) can be revoked.”

Home Demolition request on hold

Commissioners voted to table a request by Joe Seneshale to amend the Zoning Map to change from B-3 (Central Business) to B-R (Business-Residential) for a 10,881 square foot parcel (0.25 acre) located on the south side of Bridger Avenue just east of the Elk Street intersection.

Seneshale said that he bought the property a couple of months ago and wishes to demolish the existing home, dating from the time of World War I, and replace it with a new home.

City Planner Steve Horton originally said that he supported approving Seneshale’s request, based upon its apparent compliance with the City Master Plan and city requirements. However, Sheehan raised concerns regarding whether or not Seneshale’s proposal might still be in conflict with the 2012 City Master Plan.

Mixed use is required under the Master Plan for the area in question.

Horton fetched his copy of the 2012 City Master Plan from his office to review the relevant section on zoning with Sheehan. Following discussion with Sheehan, Horton reversed course. “You can’t make a zone change that goes against the Master Plan, per state statute,” Horton said. “If you do, then you must first amend the Master Plan.” Horton then recommended tabling the proposed zoning change, pending his review with the city attorney’s office.

Seneshale did not object to the delay in potential approval of his request. However, he said that he would like to get the work done before the onset of winter.

Horton said he will await word from the city attorney’s office.

No one appeared at the public hearing to raise objections to Seneshale’s request.