Poached Bull Elk on Little Mountain and Poached Cow Elk HA 100.


GREEN RIVER—Wyoming Game and Fish Department Rock Springs Game Warden Andy Roosa is seeking information on two cow elk that were shot and wasted in Elk Hunt Area 100.

The elk were discovered and reported on October 25, approximately a mile and a half northwest of the Black Butte exit (Exit 136) off Interstate 80, along the Black Butte Road.

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Roosa believes these elk were shot sometime on the night of the October 24 or very early on October 25.

“Both elk carcasses were less than 100 yards from the road; one was easily visible on top of a small hill and the other was a short distance away in some brush,” Roosa said.”Blood trails indicate the elk were very near, or even on the roadway, when they were shot and they traveled a short distance before expiring.”

There has been an unusual and unacceptable number of elk left to waste this year in the Green River region. Green River regional game wardens are hopeful somebody saw something that might help solve these and the other poaching cases.

Many wildlife cases are solved through concerned citizens reporting the violation via the STOP Poaching Hotline. In some cases, a cash reward is provided to individuals who provide information leading to an arrest and conviction of poachers.

The Wyoming Wildlife Protectors Association (WWPA) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1980 to support the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s “Stop Poaching” program.

The WWPA is the organization that provides the cash rewards. Informants are not required to reveal their name, testify in court or sign a deposition, allowing for complete anonymity if requested.

Reward amounts for tips leading to convictions ordinarily range from $100 up to $5,000. A certificate of appreciation is sent to each informant along with the cash reward. All reward payments come from court-ordered restitution paid by defendants directly to the WWPA or donations from individuals and non-governmental organizations.

Anyone with information on this or any other wildlife violation may call the Stop Poaching Hotline at 1-877-WGFD-TIP (1-877-943-3847).

Tips may be reported online at wgfd.wyo.gov, directly to game warden Andy Roosa at 307-350-4202, or by calling the Green River Game and Fish Office at 1-307-875-3223.

Poaching information may also be texted; text keyword WGFD a message toTIP411 (847-411).