State Team Takes Over Pinedale Poaching Investigation

State Team Takes Over Pinedale Poaching Investigation

UPDATE 5:48 p.m. – Chief Game Warden Brian Nesvik contacted SweetwaterNOW to correct information he relayed to us earlier on February 29th, 2016 regarding an ongoing investigation into the taking of a huge non-typical mule deer.

Nesvik said that while the investigation is still being handled in the Pinedale Office, the State’s Game and Fish Investigation Team has taken over the lead in the case from Pinedale Game Warden Adam Hymas.

Nesvik said the team is composed of six full-time investigators with the mandate to investigate wildlife related crimes.

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Nesvik explained the team fills a role equivalent to detectives in a police agency, “They handle cases that are complex such as those that cross state lines.”

Nesvik said the team was brought in relatively early in the investigation but he didn’t have an exact date.

Updates as we get them.

PINEDALE — According to Chief Game Warden Brian Nesvik, the investigation into the taking of a large mule deer continues to be led by the Pinedale Office of the Wyoming Game and Fish.

Nesvik said that the case is a high priority and that it has been the subject of much public attention. Nesvik said that the public interest in wildlife law enforcement proves how important the subject is to the public.

Several readers have contacted SweetwaterNOW with concerns about a possible conflict of interest between Hymas and Nate Strong who is the person being investigated. The readers describe the two as being friends.

Nesvik said the case continues to be investigated by Pinedale Game Warden Adam Hymas with assistance from other Game and Fish personnel as necessary.

Nesvik said that more information will be released when the investigation in concluded.


SweetwaterNOW has learned the investigation began after sportsmen reported that they had concerns about the animal, including whether it was taken in the proper season. Due to the nature of the buck being a trophy game animal, many outdoorsman had photos and were keeping an eye on him. The buck was also displayed at the Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City recently. The placard featured with the animal listed it as being taken by Nate Strong of Wyoming.

Photos that could show the animal alive after the hunting season closed also raised questions.

Updates as we get them. Feel free to message us if you have photos or information.

Photo Credit: David Brown