Police Seek Info In Fuel Dumping Incident

Police Seek Info In Fuel Dumping Incident

ROCK SPRINGS — Police are seeking info on a suspicious incident that occurred on Tuesday night.

According to Chief Pacheco:

Rock Springs Police Department is seeking information regarding an incident involving spilled diesel fuel from Tuesday night.

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On Aug. 9 around 9:15 p.m., Officers from the Rock Springs Police Department responded to the area in front of Motel 8 on Gateway Boulevard concerning a suspicious incident.

It was reported that a gray Dodge flatbed truck was driving on Gateway Boulevard when an external fuel tank fell from the truck. The driver, described as a white male, attempted to pick up the fuel tank, but stopped and proceeded to empty the contents onto the street. The fuel drained in the roadway and the driver then placed the emptied fuel tank back on the truck and left the area.

The Rock Springs Fire Department along with the City of Rock Springs Streets Department were called to the scene to clean up the spill.