Pony Express Riders to Pass Through Granger Saturday Afternoon

Pony Express Riders to Pass Through Granger Saturday Afternoon

A Wyoming National Pony Express Association rider. File photo

GRANGER – An echo from the past will pass through Granger Saturday afternoon when the Pony Express arrives during an annual re-ride.

The National Pony Express Association began its re-ride June 17, with riders carrying mail from St. Joseph, Missouri and riding to Sacramento, California over the course of a 10-day trek that passes through Wyoming. Riders are expected to take 56 hours to ride through the Cowboy State.

Riders are expected to arrive in Granger at 5:30 p.m., as they continue towards Fort Bridger. Riders are expected to make it to the Wyoming-Utah state line at 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

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The Pony Express inhabits a very small portion of United States history. It started service in 1860 and only operating for 18 months before the construction of the first transcontinental telegraph line completed, rendering the service obsolete. Despite that short window of operation, the mystique of the Pony Express and the image of its riders speeding through the west has remained.

Along with the annual summer re-ride, the Sweetwater County NPEA members also host a yearly Christmas card ride between Rock Springs and Green River each December, with cards transported between the two cities receiving a special stamp to commemorate the event.