Postgame Thoughts: Wolves Rally For Gritty Week One Win

Postgame Thoughts: Wolves Rally For Gritty Week One Win

The Wolves sideline celebrates after the week one win. Photo courtesy of Devyn Henderson

In a gritty week one matchup, the Green River Wolves pulled off a hard-fought victory against the Lander Tigers, marking their first week one win since the 2017 season.

The game was not just about breaking through for week one; it also signaled the debut victory for former Wolves player Blaine Christensen as the head coach, adding a special touch to the already memorable evening.

Here’s tonight’s postgame thoughts.

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Wolves Rally For Gritty Week One Win

Despite facing a formidable Lander team with a size advantage, the Wolves showcased their resilience and determination throughout the game. The Tigers demonstrated their size advantage by accumulating 176 rushing yards during the contest, but the Wolves refused to back down.

The key to Green River’s success lay in their speed and tactical prowess. Defensively, they stifled Lander’s passing game to under 30 passing yards, a testament to the Wolves’ tenacity on the field.

A standout player for the Wolves was Axel Mackinnon, who built on his impressive performance from zero week. Mackinnon was a defensive force, making two game-changing plays that prevented certain touchdowns for Lander. The first was a remarkable effort where he chased down a Lander Tiger who was on a breakaway run towards the endzone, forcing a fumble inside the five-yard line, which the Wolves pounced on. The second was a crucial interception on the Wolves’ own 10-yard line, thwarting a corner route that would have surely resulted in a Lander touchdown.

On the offensive side, the Wolves delivered a dominant ground game. Jaxxson Gomez led the charge with 129 yards on just 19 carries, accompanied by two touchdowns. Quarterback Max Hintz also contributed with 30 rushing yards on quarterback keepers and completed 9 of 19 passes for 64 yards, effectively keeping the Lander defense honest.

Klepper’s Game Ball 🏈

The leader of the pack this week was Jaxxson Gomez and for more than just his running ability

Gomez showed off is versatility on special teams, successfully converting an extra point in the first half while also pinning Lander deep in the punting game

His game-sealing rushing touchdown is even more impressive after going into half time banged up and had a lightened load in the second half but that didn’t stop him from going out there and getting his second score of the game on the ground


Refreshing Week One Win

This week one victory marks the beginning of what appears to be a promising season for the young Green River Wolves. Fans are proud and can look forward to what lies ahead as the Wolves prepare to face Rawlins on the road next Friday, seemingly eager to continue their great start.

Coach Christensen and his team have set the tone for what could be a memorable season, and the Green River Wolves seem determined to leave their mark on the football field once again.