Power Outage, Brush Fire Caused By Vehicle Snagging Power Line

Photo by Jeff Brittain.

ROCK SPRINGS — The cause of yesterday’s downed power line, which in turn caused a power outage and small brush fire, was a vehicle with super high clearance or the wind coming off a very high load, according to Rocky Mountain Power.

According to Rocky Mountain Power’s Tiffany Erickson, no one witnessed the event which caused the downed power line that created a power outage affected 2,308 customers in Rock Springs.

The downed power line also caused an 1/8th of an acre fire between milepost 102 and 103 along I-80. Rock Springs Fire Department responded and were on scene for about 20 minutes, according to Chief Jim Wamsley.

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According to Rocky Mountain Power, the power was out from 12:19 pm and was restored at 1:40 pm.