Power Outage Impacting 1,300 Residents in Rock Springs

Power Outage Impacting 1,300 Residents in Rock Springs

UPDATE – Crews continue to work on power outages north of Rock Springs. Rocky Mountain Power officials reported that there are still around 600 customers without power.

RMP’s Margaret Oler and Paul Murphy reported the power outage began at 7 p.m. and was restored briefly before going dark again. Oler said lightning went through the area and they had several lines down. At one point over 2,000 residents were without power.

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That number has dropped and is currently at 516 customers. Crews continue to work to restore power and Murphy said they are hopeful to have the power restored to everyone within the next couple of hours.



ROCK SPRINGS – Over 1,000 residents are without power as a storm continues to roll through the area.

According to Rocky Mountain Power approximately 1,341 customers are without power. The cause of the outage is unknown and there is not an estimated time of restorations. Crews have been dispatched.

Updates will be given as we get them.