Practice Social Distancing With a Foster Pet

Practice Social Distancing With a Foster Pet

ROCK SPRINGS– Any time is a good time to foster shelter pets, but especially now as Red Desert Humane Society is encouraging the community to take in a pet while at home social distancing during the coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak.

Mary Bird, Red Desert Humane Society office assistant, said people should know what they’re getting into when fostering pets, but that it can be quite rewarding.

The steps to foster are simple. First, you fill out an application, and if approved, Red Desert Humane Society will set up a meet and greet with the pets and decide which one will be the best fit for your home.

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“We cover all expenses, whether it’s food, toys, litter boxes and litter, there’s no cost to you,” Bird said.

Bird said there are some cats who have been at the humane society for over a year, and a change in scenery would be great for these animals. Even if you just want a cat for a week or two to get rid of mice, Bird said people can foster for that.

If you’re interested in bringing a furry buddy into your home while you’re self isolating, call Red Desert Humane Society at 307-362-1636, or message them on Facebook.