A public hearing on the city budget is on the Rock Springs City Council Agenda tonight at 7 p.m.


ROCK SPRINGS – Cities around the state are putting the final touches on their budgets to get them approved before July. Tonight, the Rock Springs City Council will have a public hearing on its budget and then later in the meeting, make the final approval.

The $39,088,241.86 budget that will be presented to the council for a vote is balanced. This year budgets were tight as several departments were trimmed and outside agency funding were decreased by 5 percent in some cases. Along with the budget comes several housekeeping items such as insurance.

The council will also debate a cost of living increase for non-bargaining employees. The proposed resolution shall give them a 2.50 percent cost of living increase in wages. In addition, each employee will be given a 3 percent movement in the appropriate pay range for a total of 5.5 percent. Is is understood that the employees who have reached the maximum pay in their range may receive less than 3 percent and therefore may receive less than 5.5 percent total.

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The breakdown of the budget is as follows:

$433,236 Administrative Department/General Government.

$555,451.00 city attorney

$1,027,552.00 finance and administration

$458,000.50 city buildings

$447,001.00  municipal court

$375,625.50 URA/Main Street

$716,625.75 Technology

$177,374.25 Human Resources

$8,659,493 Rock Springs Police

$314,913 animal control

$254,300.00 emergency management

$6,506,874 Rock Springs FIre Department

$671,000. engineering

$5,693,903.00 streets

$840,300.75 cemetery

$1,462,996.25 parks

$1,945,011.75 golf course

$1,644,731.25 civic center

$2,968,984.00 rec center

$1,938,272.10 non-departmental

$518,601.00 public service/planning

$619,101.25 building inspector

$622,626.25 vehicle maintenance

$236,265.75 museum

$20,000.00 road impact fee fund

$3,670,000.00 health insurance fund

$280,901 sewer

$4,334,761.00 water administration

$2,968,702.25 water operation and maint

$144,021.00 CAP Program

$380,856.50 public housing administration

$428,925.00 public housing maintenance

$291,968.50 Section 8 vouchers

$3,480,285.24 cash reserve

$6,015,550.68 operational reserve


Events, liquor catering and malt beverage permit requests

A outdoor party requested by the Bareback Saloon is on the agenda.  It was tabled at the last meeting because the council needed more information. Talking to city officials there is a good chance this will remain on the table tonight.

The event is planned for Aug. 2 from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. The event would have live music by local bands, a mechanical bull, drinks and concessions. Owner Lindsey Marler explained some of the proceeds will be donated to the K.D. Foundation.

Alcoholic beverages would be sold out of one tent set up by Young’s Market and one beer cart from Western Wyoming Beverages. Marler explained she is also working with Mike Kiggins to put together a security team of six to eight individuals.

At last months meeting, the council asked Maler is she had talked to other businesses in the area because they would have to close the street. The main business brought up was Casa Chavez.

Maler said she had not but planned on asking them if they wanted to be part of the event. This was one thing the council felt needed to be done before approval.

The council also said last time they approved this, there were some noise complaints. Maler explained this was why they were only requesting it until 11 p.m.and not midnight like last time.

The important issue that really pushed the council to table the motion was when Director of Engineering Paul Kauchich explained whenever there is an event that requires a street to be closed, his department requires a plan to be submitted to his office for review. He said he would be glad to assist Maler in this.

Other requests include one from Good Times, Inc., for permission to extend the serving area to include a portion of the rear parking lot for a benefit on June 21, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and again for another  benefit on July 12, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

There is another request from Good Time Inc. for  a liquor catering permit for the People’s Choice Car Show on July 12, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Whisler Chevrolet, 2200 Foothill Blvd.

The final request is from NAG, LLC for a liquor catering permit for the Andrew Christianson Benefit on July 5, from Noon to 8 p.m. at 1251 Dewar Drive.



The Rock Springs Fire Department will be giving the Chain of Survival presentation and will also recognize the recent actions of residents who saved a man’s life after he was struck by lightning.

The Mayor will proclaim Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Month.

The Sweetwater County Conservation District and Wyoming Department of Equality will be giving an update on total maximum daily load on Bitter Creek and Killpecker Creek.