Public Invited to Art Underground Ribbon Cutting and Reception

Public Invited to Art Underground Ribbon Cutting and Reception

The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency is calling for submissions for the Art Underground Gallery. Photographed is Rock Springs Main Street Manager Chad Banks talking to visitors about the gallery. SweetwaterNOW file photo

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency will host a Ribbon Cutting and Artist Reception for the new Art Underground Gallery, located in the pedestrian underpass downtown.

This is the fourth gallery installation showcasing local artists since 2015.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13 from 4:00 to 5:00 PM just outside of the gallery. This event will be the first opportunity to see the creations in the Art Underground Gallery and meet many of the artists who contributed their talents to the project. The general public is invited to attend and refreshments will be served. 

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Contributing artists and their works include:

  • Debra Becker…..Humers
  • Ocean Bosh….. Worlds of Art
  • Rebekah Brewer…..The Harmonica Harbors an Audience
  • Billy Davis….. The Shallows
  • Lillie Devree….. A Fool of Myself
  • Cheri Gibbons….. Untitled
  • Amber Hunt…..Palkia Protects
  • Lucus Johnson….. !
  • Paige Knavel…… Reflections
  • Andi Nations….. Sun King
  • Klohe Pitts….. The City
  • Candence Ranger….. Touch Tone Telephone
  • Emma Roark…..Untitled
  • Ivie Schaechterle…..Throwback
  • Joseph Skimehorn…..Dialga Destroys
  • Serena Schwatrz….. Bloom in the Dark
  • Sean Smith….. Pinstriping
  • Elisa Sparks….. Fanvism Portrait
  • Chanteu Tosh….. The Spirit Grows
  • Megan Velez….. Cosmic Creation
  • Kids of the YWCA….. Powerful
  • Emiliano Gonzalez & Lucille Leveck….. Let’s Meet in the Middle
  • Jasmine Krueger & Tristain Wooden….. Bighorn Sheep
  • Jason & River Lee….. Dysfunctional Chaos
  • Nakeysha Perez & Allison Murray….. Sunflower

Over 25 pieces of art will be displayed in the gallery. Artists donated over 250 hours of their time to create the pieces. The City street’s department repainted the underpass before the gallery was installed by local volunteer Ken Wilbert. The Art Underground Gallery is a project of the Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency.

It is designed to bring life, color and art to the pedestrian underpass while encouraging the community to get involved by adding creativity to our public spaces. Residents of all ages were invited to create individual murals that are displayed in the gallery. All artwork had to be the artist’s individual work in design and execution.  All mediums and themes were welcome.

A limited number of primed canvases (2’ by 4’ plywood) were available for the community to pick up, free of charge. Because there were a limited number of canvases, they were available on a first come, first served basis.