Pursuit and gunfire leads to wounding of shooting suspect by Wyoming Highway Patrol

Pursuit and gunfire leads to wounding of shooting suspect by Wyoming Highway Patrol


CHEYENNE – A suspect being sought by law enforcement for a shooting in Hawk Springs in southern Goshen County led Troopers on a pursuit Saturday evening and then shot at Troopers once he was stopped.

The pursuit began in Southern Goshen County on US 85 shortly after 8:30 p.m. and continued southbound into Laramie County. Troopers ahead of the pursuit laid out spike strips across US 85 damaging the tires on the suspect’s vehicle which eventually disabled his vehicle.

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The suspect stopped approximately 17 miles north of Cheyenne whereupon he exited his vehicle and fired an unknown number of shots. Troopers then engaged the suspect who was wounded in an exchange of gunfire.

The suspect was transported from the scene by a Life Flight helicopter to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center where he remains hospitalized. No Troopers were injured during the incident.

Unfortunately, one cannot predict where or when a situation like last night’s may take place. Anytime life threatening emergencies are encountered we find the situation regrettable.

We will provide counseling for those members of the Patrol involved through an employees support network backed up by trained professionals in debriefing critical incidents.

We will cooperate with all authorities to determine the events leading up to this incident and we will conduct our own investigation to determine exactly what happened. The investigation into the Laramie County shooting involving the Troopers has been turned over to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation and the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office.

Since the Wyoming Highway Patrol is involved in this investigation our agency will not release any information about the suspect, specific details about the Laramie County Shooting or provide any further details at this time. If you have any further questions they should be directed to either the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office, DCI or the Goshen County Sheriff’s Department.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol would like to thank all of the many people who have responded and provided support from law enforcement and emergency response agencies. We would also like to thank our staff for their professionalism in handling this event.