Quilters Asked To Exhibit Their Work

Quilters Asked To Exhibit Their Work

SWEETWATER COUNTY — It’s time to display your creative quilting projects at the Sweetwater County Library.  In November and December is the annual Sweetwater Quilters Open Exhibit for anyone in Sweetwater County.

Quilters are invited to enter up to two quilted pieces such as wall hangings, crib blankets, table runners, clothing or bags no larger than 45” x 60”.  The deadline is October 31st at 5 p.m.  The exhibit will be hung by November 2nd and run through December 30 at the SCL in Green River.

The two-page entry form for both exhibits are available at the library circulation desks and at the Community Fine Arts Center. Applications will also be available online on the CFAC’s website at www.cfac4art.com.

The deadline as stated above allow staff time to hang the shows before the opening days of the shows. Participants are asked to drop off their entries at the appropriate library. The exhibits are open to Sweetwater County artists who are out of high school.

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The Exhibits Committee of the Library System developed the guidelines for the exhibits displayed in the county libraries, which is included on the application forms. The photographs must be framed, ready to hang with wire or saw-tooth hangers and identified on the back with labels which are included in the application.  Quilts can be original or from patterns and with appropriate means to display them.

The Committee meets throughout the year to review applications and schedule exhibits. Artists interested in displaying their work are encouraged to submit an application for an individual exhibit. Application packets are available at any county library circulation desk and at the Community Fine Arts Center.

The Exhibits Committee is made up of community members Angie Bennett, Deon Quitberg and Donna Ragsdale, all from Green River, and library system members Michelle Maser, Lindsey Travis, and Debora Soule.

For more information about these exhibits and other library events, visit the Library System webpage or on Facebook. Questions can be directed to Soule at the Community Fine Arts Center.