Rancher Discovers Case of Old Dynamite near Fort Bridger

The Sweetwater Bomb Squad safely disposed of the dynamite.
Rancher Discovers Case of Old Dynamite near Fort Bridger

This was the box of old dynamite the rancher discovered this morning. Sweetwater Bomb Squad photo.

FORT BRIDGER — A rancher near Fort Bridger had quite the surprise this morning when she discovered a case of old dynamite while cleaning out an old log cabin. Once authorities were contacted, the Sweetwater Bomb Squad responded to the ranch and disposed of the explosives after desensitizing them.

According to Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office Public Affairs Officer, Jason Mower, the Sweetwater Bomb Squad’s disposal operation started this morning, March 9, at around 8 at a private ranch on County Road 17 in Fort Bridger.

“The ranch owner discovered the dynamite while cleaning out an old log cabin shed on the property,” Mower said.

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However, the property owner knew what to do, Mower said.

This is some of the dynamite discovered in the old cabin. Sweetwater Bomb Squad photo

“She did not touch the dynamite, vacated the immediate area of the shed, and quickly contacted the Uinta County Fire and Ambulance, who in turn contacted our Bomb Squad for assistance,” Mower said.

According to a social media post from Uinta County Fire and Ambulance, the dynamite, which “was nearly 50 years old was desensitized and burned by members of the Bomb Squad without incident.”

Bridger Valley Fire and EMS responded to the log cabin this morning. Uinta County Fire and Ambulance Facebook photo

About the Bomb Squad

The Sweetwater Bomb Squad is a nationally accredited joint team of certified bomb technicians from Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office and the Rock Springs and Green River police departments. The Bomb squad handles a wide variety of incidents including found fireworks, explosive disposal, and rendering safe improvised explosive devices and weapons of mass destruction.

The Bomb Squad also participates in many educational awareness activities for the public and other emergency responders. The Sweetwater Bomb Squad serves Sweetwater County, Carbon County, Sublette County, the southern half of Lincoln County, Uinta County, and in conjunction with the Teton Bomb Squad in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.