Record Lows Anticipated in Sweetwater County Today

Record Lows Anticipated in Sweetwater County Today

Record low temperatures are forecasted for Rock Springs today. National Weather Service Riverton Office graphic.

ROCK SPRINGS — According to the National Weather Service Riverton Office, Rock Springs is forecasted to see record low temperatures Today, October 26.

The NWS is expecting Rock Springs to see at least 6 degrees below zero today, which would break a record set back in 1996.

We’re not meteorologists, but if our cars, which read 9 degrees below zero, and weather apps, which showed 8 degrees below zero, are correct, then Sweetwater County already broke the record this morning. We’ll wait for confirmation from the NWS.

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As for the amount of snowfall, Rock Springs saw 6 inches of snow, while Green River saw 3 inches as of Sunday, October 25, according to the NWS. For statewide snowfall reports click here.

As for a high, Sweetwater County should get up to around 19 degrees today. For the complete forecast, click here.