Red Desert Humane Society Unveils New Cat House [PHOTOS]

Red Desert Humane Society Unveils New Cat House [PHOTOS]

ROCK SPRINGS — The Red Desert Humane Society now has cats living in a brand new cat house.

The cat house is a sizeable room with toys, perches, a couch with a window, and other cats to hang out with. There are also windows so that the public can look in and view all the cats available for adoption.

Shelter Manager Renee Householder said she’d been to other shelters that had them and wanted to bring one here.

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“Cats don’t have to be in kennels and can socialize and roam like they’re supposed to,” said Householder. “Plus, the people can look in and it’s better to control the spread of colds and disease.”

The room was made possible by donations from the Guardians of the Rainbow Bridge program, through which people can name the Red Desert Humane Society as a beneficiary in their will, and local cat lovers.

“It makes them more adoptable and makes them happier,” said Householder.

The Red Desert Humane Society, 310 Yellowstone Rd in Rock Springs, will host a ribbon cutting at 5:30 pm on March 28. There will be an open house all day from Noon to 6 pm so the public can check it out.