Remembering September 11th, Memorials Scheduled

Remembering September 11th, Memorials Scheduled

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Both Rock Springs and Green River will planned memorial services for September 11 at various times Friday.

Rock Springs

The Rock Springs Rotary Club will be hosting a ceremony to recognize and remember military veterans on Friday, September 11, at 10 am at the giant flag next to Dewar Drive. Patriot Day is a very important day in our history, and many have served in defense of our great nation before and after the terrible events of September 11, 2001.

During this ceremony, American Legion Archie Hay Post 24 will serve as Color Guard, and the Rock Springs Fire Department will raise the flag. A prayer will be said, followed by a speech from local U.S. Army recruiter Sergeant First Class Ian Gramoke. 

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A schedule will be posted on the Rotary Club’s facebook page,

The City of Rock Springs Fire Department is inviting local first responders to attend a 9/11 memorial ceremony Friday, September 11, 2020, to recognize the 19th anniversary.

Memorial ceremony will take place at the rotary flagpole at the corner of Dewar Drive and Gateway in Rock Springs. A brief 30-minute ceremony begin noon.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the public will be invited to view the ceremony live streamed from the City of Rock Springs Fire Department Facebook page.
Appropriate social distancing will be in effect between each agency group behind the podium for public viewing.

Green River

A military and first responder recognition will take place on September 11 during halftime at the Wolves vs. Buffalo football game at about 4:45 pm. During this time, Green River would like to recognize all military and first responders.

Those who want to participate should meet at the North Gate on Monroe Avenue. Participants will then be asked to walk out onto the track about 4:45 pm. As military branches or first responder departments are announced participants will step forward and raise their hand to be recognized. For those that are in two departments or branches please step forward for both.

After participating in the memorial, participants will leave the stadium unless they have an entry ticket. Ordinarily, participants in this memorial would be allowed to stay and watch the rest of the game, but due to COVID-19 regulations, that’s not possible this year.

Residents who have any questions can contact Nancy Rider at

We’ll update this post with any other services. Just contact us at to be added to the list.