Reported Gas Smells Investigated Around School District No. 1

Reported Gas Smells Investigated Around School District No. 1

ROCK SPRINGS — Officials in Sweetwater County School District No. 1 have confirmed that gas leaks were investigated at several school earlier this morning.

District Human Resources Director Nicole Bolton said reports of natural gas smells were detected near Rock Springs High School, Walnut Elementary, and Eastside Elementary. 

She added that district personnel, Dominion Energy, and the Rock Springs Fire Department were all called to the sites.

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“Buses arrived early at the three schools for students walking to school, those that arrived earlier in the morning for activities, or those dropped off by parents so they could be safe and warm inside the buses,” Bolton said. “Dominion Energy conducted safety protocols for potential gas leaks in each school.”

No gas leaks were found in the schools and holding in person school was safe. 

“Unfortunately, the wind brings the smell in from wherever the leak is occurring, which is unpleasant, however the schools have been deemed safe,” Bolton added. “All schools are in session on their normal schedules.”