Resident Expresses Concerns Over Door to Door Solicitations

Resident Expresses Concerns Over Door to Door Solicitations

GREEN RIVER– At Tuesday night’s Green River City Council meeting, Green River resident Rachelle Morris brought forth her concerns over door to door salespeople and solicitors, and suggested the city consider adding a “do not solicit” or “no knock” registry.

Morris said some cities have a registry in place already, and she believes it would be beneficial for the City of Green River. Residents who do not want solicitors or salespeople to come to their home could sign up to be on the registry, so solicitors would know whose doors they can and cannot knock on.

Morris also said that it would get rid of the need for the ugly “No Soliciting” stickers and signs people currently have to put on their homes.

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She said the Green River Ordinance was established in 1932 because of the shift workers, and was amended in 2013.

According to the City’s Code of Ordinances, it was amended in 2013 to allow door to door solicitors as long as they have obtained a Door to Door Solicitation Permit from the City, only solicit between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm, and the house does not have any “No Soliciting” signs or stickers.

The amendment was made with the intent to balance the safety, privacy, health, and welfare of the Green River residents with the First Amendment rights of door to door solicitors.

However, Morris believes the ordinance should be amended again to add this registry.

Morris said her security cameras picked up a suspicious man knocking on her door during the day while she was at work. Her neighbors said the man did not knock on their doors, so she filed a police report.

The Green River Police Department said they had a few concerns about a similar incident, and that there was a company going around door to door.

Morris said if there was a “no solicitors” registry, these kinds of incidents wouldn’t happen, and it would also save the police department time and resources because they wouldn’t have to deal with as many of these types of calls and reports.

Council in Favor of a Registry

Councilman Robert Berg was in favor of the idea. He said it would not only help shift workers who need their sleep and don’t want solicitors knocking on their door, but would also be helpful to him and other politicians who are running for office.

Berg said the “No Soliciting” stickers can be hard to see sometimes when people who are running for office are going door to door. They currently go off of a list of registered voters when going door to door, but some of those people do not want solicitors.

Councilman Gary Killpack said he likes the idea, but he questioned whether or not it would be effective. For example, he said there are do not call registries for telemarketers, but people still receive calls from salespeople.

Mayor Pete Rust suggested the council schedule a workshop to deal with both issues of door to door solicitors and phone solicitations. He said there are many members in the community dealing with these issues and they are “fed up”.