Residents Asked to Complete Public Survey on Specific Purpose Tax

Residents Asked to Complete Public Survey on Specific Purpose Tax

SWEETWATER COUNTY — A committee of elected officials discussing the potential to place a specific purpose sales and use tax on the ballot this November launched an online survey today to gather feedback from residents.

This effort differs greatly from the November 2021 general purpose tax ballot question, which voters turned down.

“We heard loud and clear from our constituents that they want to know specifically what the additional tax revenue will fund and for how long,” Sweetwater County Commissioner Lauren Schoenfeld said. “And so we’ve published a list of initial projects that need funding so we can hear from the public on their priorities.”

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The committee wants the process to be transparent and the county has a dedicated web page for the initiative.

The web page includes:

● An overview of this initiative
● The list of initial projects identified by local jurisdictions and public-serving organizations
● Names of the elected officials working through this effort
● Press releases
● Frequently asked questions
● A link to the online survey

Residents are encouraged to take the survey through April 15. Once the data is analyzed and organized, the results will be available on the county’s dedicated web page.

Following the survey, the committee will be scheduling opportunities learn more from the public through community forums or meetings.

By early summer, the committee will make a joint recommendation to each of the local jurisdictions on whether to place a question on the ballot this November, taking into consideration all the feedback collected throughout this process. If that recommendation is to proceed, 50 percent of all jurisdictions in Sweetwater would need to pass a resolution on proposed ballot language for it to be certified for the election.