Rezoning Ordinance for Fuel Kiosk Passes First Reading

Rezoning Ordinance for Fuel Kiosk Passes First Reading

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance Tuesday night to amend the official zoning map of the City of Green River to rezone property on Bridger Drive for the purpose of a fuel kiosk.

The vote for first reading was 6-1 with Councilman Robert Berg being the vote against.

Smith’s Food and Drug Centers, Inc. is the applicant on the request for the amendment to Green River’s Official Zoning Map. Smith’s is requesting for the parcel located at 1175 Bridger Drive to be rezoned from B-2 (Downtown Business) to B-1 (General Business), with the intent to construct a fuel and concession kiosk on the property. The current property consists of the United Pentecostal Church. If the rezoning is approved, the church will be taken down.

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Amy Cox, Planning and Zoning Administrator, said during the February 1 Council meeting that the property currently has two different zoning designations and is subject to the requirements of the B-2 zoning district. The larger portion of the parcel, which is the subject of this application, is zoned B-2 and the smaller portion of the parcel is zoned B-1. To facilitate fuel sales on the property, it needs to be rezoned to B-1.

Green River resident Gordon Smith said he lives on Bridger Drive and he is opposed to the fuel kiosk. He said that Bridger Drive is already one of the busiest streets in Green River, and an increase in traffic is not going to help the management of the street.

“We are not in favor at all of adding the traffic, the added place for kids to hang out at night, and the lighting that will be on all night since it will be a 24-hour operation,” Smith said.

Rick Magness, a representative of the engineers on this project, Anderson Wahlen & Associates, addressed Smith’s concerns. He said that since this kiosk rather than a store, it will not be conducive to kids or anyone hanging out at night. Magness also said there will be two eight-hour shifts manning the kiosk, so some nights there will be someone there.

Additionally, Magness said the LED lighting the kiosk will be using is very controllable, directional, and is not able to spill out onto the right of way, “let alone across the street”. As for traffic, he said the fuel center is designed to capture existing traffic, rather than creating additional traffic.

“Quite often the traffic is already there,” Magness said.

He said rather than more traffic, the fuel center may change the movement of traffic. Mark Westenskow, Green River Public Works Director, said the city does not require a traffic study during the rezoning phase of projects. Westenskow said they may ask for one for the site plan review, which Magness said they’d be happy to do.

Cox also noted that convenient stores are already a permitted use in this zone, and that the zoning change is needed for the fuel sales.

The Council will consider this ordinance change on second reading at its next meeting on April 5.

Other Business

The Council approved the appointment of Rick Jones to the Green River Arts Council for a two year term.

They also approved the reappointment of Storm Adcock to the Parks & Recreations Advisory Board for a three year term beginning April 1, 2022 and expiring March 31, 2025.