Riverside Nursery Looking on the Bright Side Amid Storm Damages

Riverside Nursery Looking on the Bright Side Amid Storm Damages

Riverside Nursery suffered damages during the late-summer storm last week, however, they are grateful the damages were not worse. SweetwaterNOW photo by Olivia Kennah

GREEN RIVER — There wasn’t an area around Green River that didn’t receive damages in last week’s late-summer snow and wind storm, and Riverside Nursery is no exception.

However, the Riverside Nursery staff is choosing to think positively as they focus on being thankful the damages weren’t worse, and for the help they received from family and friends to clean up the mess.

While the destruction could have been much more detrimental, according to Riverside Nursery manager Laura Owens, they did suffer from a couple thousand dollars worth of damage.

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“Thankfully most of the inventory was okay and all of our decorations that were out for the Harvest Festival were not damaged,” Owens said.

Though the damages were not as bad as they could have been, Owens said it was still devastating to see the number of trees that were lost to the storm.

“When we first walked into the nursery we were very overwhelmed with the size and amount of the trees that had fallen. We were so sad that our beautiful maple upfront was gone, but we also felt very grateful that the trees fell so close to the buildings, but didn’t hit them,” Owens said.

The neighboring residence also lost its big pine tree to the storm and it just barely missed Riverside Nursery’s gift shop when it fell.

“The top broke off before it fell and it barely missed our gift shop by about 3 feet. We honestly feel so blessed that the damages weren’t as bad as others,” Owens said.

Owens said that after driving around town and seeing all the damage that occurred, the Riverside staff is just thankful none of their buildings were impacted by the storm.

“Our hearts just go out to everyone that was severely affected by this wind storm,” she said.

Though the nursery lost several trees, none hit any of the buildings even though some came close. Other complications included the power outage affecting the greenhouses, and their sign out front was knocked down from the wind.

“When the power went out the greenhouses started deflating but we got a generator and we were able to get them up so they didn’t whip around in the wind and rip,” Owens said. “We did have a pole in our Quonset that got blown out of place, but we were able to fix it. And we did lose our sign out front, but we are thinking it will be able to be repaired and put back up soon.”

This neighboring pine tree fell from the neighbor’s property into the Riverside Nursery property. SweetwaterNOW photo by Olivia Kennah

Riverside Nursery is extremely thankful to all those who helped them clean up the mess over the days immediately following the storm.

“With the help of friends and family, we were able to get most of the trees chopped up and hauled away and mostly everything cleaned up in the last few days,” Owens said. “We are so grateful for the outpouring of support and love from our community members, so many people offered to help with clean up.”

With their upcoming fall event, the Harvest Festival, the storm has presented a challenge as the staff scrambles to make sure everything is ready to go.

“This is definitely not something we expected to happen, especially with our Harvest Festival just around the corner. We are just trying to get things clean before our event in a few weeks. It’s still a work in progress, but we are getting everything done slowly but surely,” Owens said.

For more information and updates from Riverside Nursery, check out their Facebook page.