Robb Slaughter Announces Re-Election Bid


SWEETWATER COUNTY — Sweetwater County Treasurer Robb Slaughter has announced that he will be seeking re-election in 2018. “The next few years will be a period of growth and change here in Sweetwater County, and I would like to continue as an integral part of it”, Slaughter said.

“I am running based on the belief that I can continue to manage the Office of Treasurer
in a professional manner and provide the level of service that the residents of Sweetwater
County deserves and have come to expect. With the help of my “outstanding” staff and
the support personnel at the county, we have continued to streamline services and
have been able to offer new technologies to help make things easier for our residents.
We have continued to refine the services that we have implemented in the last few
years to allow taxpayers to make payments online for both property taxes and motor
vehicle licensing. With my influence and experience, I hope to help legislators provide
new innovation that will continue to keep us on the cutting edge of technology in the
future also”, Slaughter added.

“It is a constant challenge adapting to the dynamic changes occurring in Sweetwater
County and the State of Wyoming,” Slaughter said. “The nature of our mineral-based
economy makes it difficult to budget and provide cash flows to fund our local government
in an efficient manner. These challenges and the task of managing an investment portfolio of various funds and for different entities that is over $50 million keeps the job interesting and creates unique challenges which I enjoy.”

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A lifelong resident of Sweetwater County, Slaughter has been active in many local boards
and organizations. He is a past President of the Wyoming Association of County
Treasurers has served as a member of the Wyoming Intergovernmental Mineral Policy
Advisory Committee and the Wyoming Tax Administration Team. In addition to these
functions, Slaughter has served on numerous committees dedicated to renovating
Wyoming tax policy and motor vehicle registration laws. Most recently, Slaughter served
as an appointee to Governor Mead’s 2015 Tax Force on Minerals Interim Study.

Slaughter added, “My experience, my loyal staff and the network that I have created
make me the best candidate for this office. I have been fortunate to develop excellent
relationships with the other elected officials in Sweetwater County along with many
State Officials and Legislators. The financial professionals that I work with are also excellent and provide the best advice possible for managing the County’s finances. The
interaction of the Treasurer and their staff with the other County and State Offices is critical
to our continued success. If I am re-elected, I will do my best to ensure that
Sweetwater County residents receive the most professional service possible”.