Rock Springs’ Annual Lighted Parade Set for Saturday

The Mayor’s Tree Lighting ceremony will take place before the parade.
Rock Springs’ Annual Lighted Parade Set for Saturday

This is just one of the many floats in last year's lighted parade. SweetwaterNOW file photo

ROCK SPRINGS — It’s that time of the year again. Time to get bundled up for the Rock Springs Annual Lighted Holiday Parade.

Tomorrow, December 5, the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the Annual Lighted Holiday Parade in Downtown Rock Springs. The parade starts at 5:30 pm.

“With the support of Mayor Kaumo and the Rock Springs City Council, we believe that the annual parade is an important event that can be held safely and responsibly and if we all practice common sense will be one of the few great activities of the year,” Rock Springs Chamber CEO Rick Lee in a Facebook post.

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This year’s parade theme is Christmas Needs More Cowboys and will be a demonstration of triumph and resiliency.

“The past year has been remarkably challenging, but our community has long demonstrated its ability to rise above adversity and work together for combined success,” Lee said. “Our people are known to be tough, but also very compassionate and when challenges arise, we pull together, cowboy up and always end up stronger and better.”

“This year’s parade is dedicated to the amazing people of Sweetwater County who have demonstrated great resiliency and have triumphed over our common enemy and the numberless challenges of the time,” he said.

The route of the parade is, as it has been for years, beginning at the corner of C Street and Broadway in front of the Museum, down South Main, onto E Street, then Broadway, go under the underpass and on to M Street, Pilot Butte, then K Street, followed by a right turn on to North Front. After traveling down North Front we will end at the corner of Elk Street and North Front Street.

Lee encourages everyone attending the parade to keep in mind that COVID-19 numbers are still high and to enjoy the parade but please mask up, use common sense, and keep yourself and others safe.

Also, please join us at Canon Park on Elk Street and North Front by Vase’s for the Mayor’s Tree Lighting at 5 pm, just before the start of the parade.

The Parade Route.