Rock Springs Cemetery Walking Tour starting to take shape

Rock Springs Cemetery Walking Tour starting to take shape

Rock Springs Cemetery Walking Tour starting to take shapeROCK SPRINGS – The cemetery walking tour is starting to take shape as the committee working on the tour continues to move forward. The Rock Springs Historical Museum Board was recently updated on the project.

Museum board member and committee chairman Cindy Nelson reported the committee has came up with a list of 30 names that will be on the tour. With the committee still working on details of the tour no names were given at this point. Nelson said while they have a list of 30 names there are more than 30 people on the tour because of couples and people being buried in the same place.

The cemetery tour will be a self-guided tour similar to the existing historic walking tour.

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With the list of 30, the committee did another walk through at the Rock Springs Municipal Cemetery this past Sunday. Nelson explained they were able to find 29 of the 30 sites because one person on the list was buried under a different name. After getting that information, they were able to locate the final stop.

As the committee did the walk through they also started to develop the route of the tour. Nelson said they were able to make it through the route in an hour and a half but this was without any stops to read the history of the site or person.

The cemetery is broken down in to sections that are named after former mayors of Rock Springs. The committee has tried to make sure there was at least one stop at every section of the cemetery. Nelson explained while they might only have one stop per section, they will also list headstones and people of interest in that specific section which those doing the tour can also check out if they would like.

The board asked what years the tour covers. Nelson said it includes people from the very early history of Rock Springs to the most recent one being buried in 2011.

Museum Coordinator Bob Nelson also pointed out the stops on the tour do not include murderers or murder victims. He explained they tried to stay away from the sensationalized stories and focus more on the history of Rock Springs. He also praised the committee for all the hard work.

“This committee is phenomenal and has come a long way,” Bob Nelson said.

The committee continues to work on the details and is starting to develop the pamphlet that will go with the tour. Cindy Nelson said they are still shooting for a kick-off date in early October of 2015.