Rock Springs City Council Agenda for June 18

Rock Springs City Council Agenda for June 18

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs City Council will host their regular meeting this week on Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

The meeting will take place in the Council Chambers at City Hall, located at 212 D St. The council will approve the minutes of the last regular meeting which was held on June 4, 2019.

The agenda includes one presentation titled, “AML Consent Process for Exploration & Grouting,” by Dave Pendleton.

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Two public hearings will then follow the presentation. The first hearing will consider the proposed budget for fiscal year 2019-20. Afterwards, a public hearing on the proposed sewer use fee increase will take place.

In addition, some new business will be reviewed by the Council. Among the items is a request from the Parks and Recreation Department for permission to provide each National High School Rodeo contestant free access to the Family Recreation and Civic Centers from July 12 toJuly 21, 2019.

A handful of resolutions will be addressed including the budget and sewer use fee increase.

All other resolutions can be seen on the detailed agenda.

For a complete look at the June 18 Rock Springs City Council agenda packet, click here.