Rock Springs City Council will vote on another purchase agreement for land around Bunning Park; Council will honor U. S. Army Human Intelligence Collector Dawson Mischel


ROCK SPRINGS – After approving the purchase of property along J Street in December, the Rock Springs City Council will vote on another purchase agreement for more lots in the area on Tuesday.

In December, the council approved the purchase of three lots on J Street from Marina Schanno at the cost of $55,000. On Tuesday, the council will decide about entering into a purchase agreement with Shuree Mcwhorter, f/k/a Shuree Youngburg for another lot along J Street. The cost in the agreement is $65,000.

In January, the city was given a presentation by Landmark Design on the property around Bunning Park. The city hired Landmark Design to investigate the property around the park and report back on what it would take to develop the area around the park.

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The plan is to make improvements around Bunning Park including adding more parking while getting rid of hazardous and abandoned building in the area. Landmark Design reported to the council many of the structures and homes around the park are not up to code, are abandoned and inadequate.

To read about the presentation in January go to


Military Recognition

Under the leadership of Rock Springs Mayor Tim Kaumo, the city of Rock Springs started honoring local men and women serving in the military. As well as being honored before the city council, their names were also put on a plaque which hangs in council chambers.

Recently, Councilman Rob Zotti questioned why the city has stopped doing this and urged active military or their families to contact the city so they could properly be recognized for their service. Recently at the Rock Springs Museum Board meeting, Councilwoman Rose Mosbey told the board Councilman Tim Savage and Councilwoman Glennise Wendorf have also started working on the military recognitions.

On Tuesday, the council will honor Dawson Mischel, U. S. Army Human Intelligence Collector.


Changes to Plumbing and Sewer Ordinance

For two months, the council has been looking at changes to the plumbing and sewer ordinance. After going through third reading at the last meeting, the council voted to table to changes after Councilman Clark Stith questioned why they were making changes which would allow private sewer systems within city limits.

Staff reported the changes were being requested after the council removed language in 2013 which has the ordinance contradicting itself. There was talk of a workshop on the issue but nothing has taken place. The request is still on the agenda and can be left on the table by council or can be removed and acted on Tuesday night.



The council will take action on several appointments and re-appointments to city boards and commissions. They include Ron Cheese to a third term on the Parks and Recreation Board, Matthew Jackman to a first term on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Kimberly Steel to continue serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission and Joe Manatos to a fourth term on the Rock Springs Transportation Committee.


Alcohol Permits

The council will take action on a request from Black Rock Inc., for a liquor catering permit for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquet on February 14. The request for the permit is from 3 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at the Sweetwater Events Complex.


Executive Session

There is an executive session on the agenda which is scheduled at the end of the meeting. Reason for the session is litigation and personnel.