Rock Springs Council Approves Purchase of U.P. Land

Rock Springs Council Approves Purchase of U.P. Land

Here is a map showing the location of the parcel the city is going to purchase.

ROCK SPRINGS — The City of Rock Springs will purchase a roughly 19-acre parcel of land from the Union Pacific Railroad Company for $100,000. The land will eventually be used to help alleviate future flooding issues in the northeast portion of Rock Springs.

During the Rock Springs City Council meeting tonight, the Council approved the request. All of the Councilors voted in favor of the property acquisition, however Mayor Tim Kaumo abstained from voting because the firm that he works for completed the legal description on the appraisal.

The 19.153 acre parcel is located along Ute Avenue and will be used as a municipal storm water retention basin to alleviate future flooding. The property sits to the east of Elk Street along an undeveloped hillside, the description states.

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According to Paul Kauchich, Director of Engineering and Operations, the city has been trying to obtain this property for more than one year. The idea was to obtain the property so when the city has funding to construct the retention basin, it’s not waiting to purchase the property to complete the project.

The money to purchase the property will come out of the city’s storm water reserve fund, Kauchich said.

As for the cost of the retention basin, Council Keaton West said it was on the city’s sixth-penny specific purpose tax list and the last estimate he saw was around $3 million.

Kauchich said once they have the U.P. property purchased, they will pursue purchasing a parcel from the Bureau of Land Management.

To review the entire appraisal, see the document below.

Other Business

No comments were made during a public hearing on proposed changes to the administrative plan for the Section 8 voucher program.

Under new business, the Council approved a request from the Rock Springs Police Department to fill two police officer positions using COPS grant funding.

Also under new business, the Council accepted a $44,331.71 contract with Playcore Wisc., doing business as Gametime C/O Great Western Recreation for new Bunning Park Playground equipment.

The Council approved the OneWyo Opiod settlement memorandum of agreement between the City of Rock Springs, the State of Wyoming and other participating entities within the state.

The Council also approved the final plat for the Volcic Subdivision as a proposed subdivision covering a nearly 60-acre tract of land near Foothill Boulevard.