Rock Springs Fire Department Unveils New Patch

Rock Springs Fire Department Unveils New Patch

ROCK SPRINGS – The Rock Springs Fire Department has proudly displayed its current patch since 1988. On Tuesday, a brand new one made its debut.

Not only did Rock Springs Fire Chief Jim Wamsley unveil the new patch at the Rock Springs City Council meeting, he also presented a new department challenge coin.

In his presentation, Wamsley said the new patch pays homage to the heritage of the city of Rock Springs and the Rock Springs Fire Department. The design of the patch was a collective effort throughout the agency but was spearheaded by Firefighter Jason Cristanelli. Wamsley noted Cristanelli is a member of the Wyoming National Guard and is currently deployed overseas.

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As a tangible reminder of the core values of the firefighters and leadership of the department, the group also designed a department challenge coin. On the front is the new department patch surrounded by five values. These values were selected by the firefighters which they felt best represented the characteristics of the fire department.

Wamsley said it also shows, “how we (the department) should conduct ourselves professionally in our service to all who reside in or travel through our great city.”

The five values are

  • Honesty – fairness, straightforwardness, sincerity, truth.
  • Integrity – Moral and intellectual honesty.
  • Honor – A keen sense of ethical conduct; one’s word given as a guarantee of performance.
  • Duty – The force of moral obligation.
  • Strength – The quality or state of being strong: Capacity for exertion or endurance.

The reverse side of the coin portrays two of the city’s most prominent landmarks, the original Rock Springs City Hall and location of the original fire station and the “Home of Rock Springs Coal” sign so emblematic of the local “rich” mining heritage.

“Both of these landmarks were designed and built during a time when our city and state were young and the future was a blank canvas waiting to be painted by the great men and women of our city,” Wamsley continued. “The sense of community pride and purpose have stayed central to the genetic makeup of Rock Springs and still resonate through today in the pride evident in our community and the pride of service that the Rock Springs Fire Department carries each day on every call for service – every opportunity to prevent fires and other tragedies. It is our honor to be stewards of the safety and welfare of the city of Rock Springs.”