Rock Springs Girl Gets Shopping Spree through Make-A-Wish Wyoming

Rock Springs Girl Gets Shopping Spree through Make-A-Wish Wyoming

Make-A-Wish Wyoming photo

ROCK SPRINGS — Three-year-old Ivie loves playing with puppies and babies, being outside and spending time with her big sister, Aiva. She also likes to read, get creative with arts and crafts, and enjoys playing games. She is looking forward to meeting her new baby sister in March.

Ivie, who is battling cancer, had her wish granted for a virtual shopping spree on February 6 with the help of her local volunteers, Ric and Jean, Rock Springs High School, Green River High School, Rock Spring Police Department, and the Rock Springs Fire Department.

To grant Ivie’s wish, Ivie shopped online and picked out her favorite items that were then sent to her local volunteers for wrapping. On a cold snowy day, many cars and trucks, fire truck and police came to show their support for Ivie with a drive-by parade. The fire truck and last car of the parade stopped and presented the gifts to Ivie. She was overcome with joy. The parade went well, Ivie loved the fire truck and cop cars.

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Her favorite part of the day, aside from opening all her shopping spree items, was getting her favorite food, pepperoni pizza. Ivie had a good time opening her gifts and already has plans this summer to spend time in the yard on her new trampoline. She also loves making art and enjoys using her new art easel. So far, Ivie’s favorite item is her new Blue’s Clues blanket. According to her mother, Mercedes, she is yet to put it down. When Mercedes was asked about her favorite part of the wish journey, she said “The volunteers were amazing, Ric and Jean were great from the start.”

Volunteers are essential to Make-A-Wish, as are our local high schools. Rock Springs and Green River High Schools have been fundraising for the Kids for Wish Kids program for over fifteen years. This year, both schools decided to combine their efforts and kick off their fundraising week from February 18th through the 25th. These schools’ support is essential to granting Wyoming wishes. Currently, there are eight children awaiting their wish in Southwestern Wyoming.

About Make-A-Wish Wyoming. Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses. Since 1985, Make-A-Wish Wyoming has brought the hope, strength, and joy of a wish to more than 630 children in the state. There are currently 53 wish kids across Wyoming. For more information about the Wyoming chapter and how you can be involved in local wishes, please visit