Rock Springs Girl Receives Make-A-Wish Room Makeover

Rock Springs Girl Receives Make-A-Wish Room Makeover

Tatiana, a 3-year-old Rock Springs girl, enjoys one of the new additions to her room. Her wish of having a room makeover was granted by Make-A-Wish Wyoming.

ROCK SPRINGS — All it took to increase one girl’s happiness was a room makeover. Thanks to Make-A-Wish Wyoming 3-year-old Tatiana recently received a sensory-stimulating room, but more importantly she’s smiling and laughing more.

The new room includes a rocking chair, bubble tank, ball pit, Peapod chair, as well as a number of sensory toys.

Latisha, Tatiana’s mom, says her daughter seems delighted with the results.

“She’s so happy with what she got. When she’s back there, she just kicks her little legs and gets hollering and screaming,” Latisha said.

An engaging, fun, and safe space for Tatiana has become more important than ever, since Latisha recently had to pull Tatiana out school after she’d lost nearly a quarter of her body weight from various illnesses. She’s finally starting to regain some of that weight back, but Latisha doesn’t want to risk further sickness, so Tatiana will be home at least for the remainder of this school year. But luckily, she says, home has become a lot more fun.

Unable to sit up on her own, Tatiana’s Peapod chair props her up so she can see the bubble tank working without anyone holding her up, which gives Tatiana some independence and makes her squeal with laughter. The new rocking chair has taken on a special significance, since Tatiana loved rocking as a baby, but after their old chair broke, Latisha couldn’t afford to replace it. Now, Tatiana’s little brother Aiden likes to climb in her chair with her, and the pair loves to rock together.

“We’re seeing a lot more smiles and laughter than before. She’s normally a happy baby, but now we get to see even more,” Latisha said.

About Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses. To be eligible for a wish, a child must have critical illness that is defined as progressive, degenerative, or malignant.

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Since 1985, Make-A-Wish Wyoming has brought the hope, strength, and joy of a wish to more than 660 children across the state.

Currently, Make-A-Wish Wyoming is working to grant 51 wishes across the state. For more information about the Wyoming chapter and how you can be involved in local wishes like Tatiana’s, please call 888.WYO.WISH or visit