Rock Springs Native Competes on Syfy’s TV Series Face Off

Rock Springs Native Competes on Syfy’s TV Series Face Off

Kevon Ward on Syfy's Face Off

Rock Springs native Kevon Ward will be competing in the 9th season of Syfy’s TV series Face Off.

Face Off is series in which makeup artists compete against each other to create creatures found in science fiction and horror films. It is an elimination based competition.

Kevon Ward

Each week, there is a “Spotlight Challenge” that tests the skills and abilities of each contestant to create a full makeup character to match a theme. The challenge takes place over a three day period.

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The first day involves concept design and sculpting for five hours. The second day allows nine and a half to 10 hours to finish up the molding work. The third and final day allows four hours to apply makeup before a one-hour “Last Look” for touch ups.

Each week one participant is sent home. This season there are 16 contestants including Kevon. The winner will receive $100,000, a new car, and a chance to go to a Krylon makeup studio.

High School, Haunted Houses and Makeup Design

Kevon’s path to the show required a lot of hard work as well as a desire to keep pushing himself in trying new things.

Kevon graduated in 2006 from Rock Springs High School where he did fine art, air brushing and some sculpting.

His senior year he was constantly creating art in hopes to do well at state art and receive some recognition for his work. It paid off. His works for the state art competition landed him a scholarship to the Art Institute.

Kevon’s art from his senior year.

After graduating in 2009 from the Art Institute, he interned at a special effects shop doing set and prop design. That led to doing work for haunted houses. His work with haunted houses nudged him into makeup around the time Season 1 of Face Off started.

Kevon said the show and the art the participants created inspired him. It had been something he was interested in but when the show came out he said,

The fact that there was more interest created about [makeup design] kinda lit my fire.

When Season 3 rolled around, he decided to audition. He made it past the first cut but didn’t make it onto the show.

After that audition, he became extremely busy working on several different projects. Each time another audition came up Kevon said he didn’t have time to put something together. Several seasons passed before his next opportunity would present itself.

Work after His First Audition

Kevon has done some very creative and talented work since his first audition for Face Off. One of his pieces, born out of his desire to create the unusual and push the limits of the art, is a project where he turned one of his friends into a human jelly fish.

When I asked Kevon where he gets his inspiration, he said some of it comes from The Walking Dead (a show for which he would like be a special effects artist), any of Tim Burton’s movies, randomness, and a desire to be unusual.

One of the projects he worked on was an independent movie based around a character called Hans Crippleton, coming out this November. After finishing work on that movie, he had a little free time and it just so happened that auditions for Season 9 of Face Off were happening. He put together an audition and hoped for the best.

Kevon’s Second Audition

Kevon was actually glad he didn’t get on Season 3. He decided,

I am going to use this time to improve and get a lot better.

All the work honing his talents paid off. This time, Kevon was invited to be part of the series. The season filming is over. Though he wasn’t allowed to tell me the outcome, Kevon did say he felt he performed better because of the extra time to learn and grow after that first audition.

Check out Season 9, airing July 28 of this year, to see if Kevon will drive away in a new car…and $100,000 richer.

Visit Kevon’s Facebook to check out more of his work.