Rock Springs Officials Offer Tips On Fire Pit Safety

Rock Springs Officials Offer Tips On Fire Pit Safety

The RSPD and RSFD want you to enjoy your fire pits this summer while using all the proper safety measures to enjoy our Wyoming evenings.

ROCK SPRINGS — Summer is the best time of year to sit around a fire pit and enjoy Wyoming evenings.

But with the use of a fire pit, citizens needs to be aware that safety needs to come first. Rock Springs Police Chief Dwane Pacheco and Rock SpringsFire Chief Jim Wamsley would like to remind residents of safety tips and regulations for outdoor burning.

Safety Tips:

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  • Never leave your fire unattended.
  • Keep your fire small and watch for sparks and strong winds.
  • Be aware of the safety of children and pets.
  • Have a fire extinguisher or hose handy when using your fire pit.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors when burning.
  • Ensure a grate is on hand to prevent flying sparks and embers.

Rock Springs City Ordinance Chapter 04 Article 02 4-200-2 lays out the definitions of legal, outdoor fires:

Refuse: All putrescible and non-putrescible solid waste (except body waste), including garbage, rubbish, ashes, street cleanings, small dead animals, and solid market and industrial wastes.
Rubbish: Nonputrescible solid waste (excluding ashes) consisting of both combustible and noncombustible waste, such as paper, cardboard, tin cans, yard clippings, wood, glass, bedding, crockery and similar materials.
Open Burning: Open burning shall mean a fire where any material is burned in the open or in a receptacle other than a furnace. Incinerators equipped with afterburners, barbecue pits and fire places used for the purpose indicated is not open burning and is exempt from that provision of the Ordinance prohibiting open burning. 
Nuisance Fire: Nuisance fire shall mean any fire that is offensive or objectionable because of smoke or
odor emissions.  

Ordinance 4-200-6 Burning Prohibited

(a) With the exception of wood burning, outdoor fireplaces, open burning of substances of any kind within the city is hereby prohibited, except by special permit issued by the Fire Inspector in accordance with state regulations.
(b) Burning of garbage, refuse, or rubbish within the city is hereby prohibited.
(c)  Open burning or nuisance fires that are offensive or objectionable because of smoke or odor emissions or when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous may be extinguished or cause to be extinguished.

There is also an informational note at the following link:;id=1030&structureid=13  

If you have questions or would like to make a complaint please contact dispatch at 307-352-1575.