Rock Springs Opens Second RV Dump Station

Rock Springs Opens Second RV Dump Station

ROCK SPRINGS — The City of Rock Springs Water Reclamation Facility is pleased to announce the opening of a second R.V. Dump Station.

According to a Facebook post from the City of Rock Springs, this new R.V. Dump Station, located adjacent to the old one, should significantly reduce wait time. Currently, the dump station is installed with temporary road surfacing.

The Water Reclamation Facility staff will monitor and repair any holes or ruts that may develop over the summer. This fall when usage allows for a temporary closure, a permanent driving surface will be installed to both stations.

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“I would like to thank the citizens of Rock Springs for understanding the delays during construction and any inconveniences that may be caused due to the temporary road surfacing. I would like to thank all City Departments for their involvement in making this project a success, the Engineering Department for help with design, the Water and Streets Departments for equipment usage and sign making,” Nick Seals, Water Reclamation Facility said in a Facebook post.

“I would also like to thank the Mayor for seeing the need for and making possible an additional R.V. Dump Station. A big thank you goes out to the staff at the Water Reclamation Facility for the planning and installation of utilities, signs and surface improvements throughout the project,” Seals said.

For further information or questions regarding the R.V. Dump or any other sewer related information, please contact the Water Reclamation Facility.