Rock Springs Planning and Zoning Approves Updated Terms

Rock Springs Planning and Zoning Approves Updated Terms

The Rock Springs Planning and Zoning Commission approved changes in zoning definitions, including "porches."

ROCK SPRINGS — The Planning and Zoning Commission approved revised definitions for several new terms, most notably “Accessory Building or Use”, “Building”, “Building Lines”, and “Porch”.

“Accessory Building or Use” is now defined as “A subordinate building or a subordinate use of land, which is customarily incidental to the principal building or to the principal use of land. Subject to the exception in subsection (b), all accessory buildings or uses shall be on the same lot as the principal building or use. Where any part of an accessory building is connected in part to the principal building, such accessory building shall be deemed to be a part of the principal building. Local public utility installations above ground are considered accessory buildings.”

“Building” is now defined as “Any structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy having enclosed space and a roof for the housing and/or enclosure of persons, animals or chattels, except mobile homes and mobile offices.”

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“Building Lines” is now defined as “The perimeter of that portion of a building or structure nearest a property line, including cantilevered projections therefrom, and porches. but excluding open steps, terraces, cornices, and other ornamental features projecting from the walls of the building or structure.”

“Porch” is now defined as “A covered area adjoining an entrance to a building and usually having a separate roof.”

“Porch, unenclosed” is now defined as “A porch lacking walls and a roof.”

A public hearing was scheduled at the meeting for any public input on the proposed definition changes and additions, but no one appeared to either speak for or against the definitions, and approval went forward unanimously among the commission members present.

The revised definitions were at the behest of city attorney Richard Beckwith, to avoid future potential litigation.

Horton approvals

City Planner Steve Horton reported to the P&Z Commission that he had approved the following:

  • Conditional Use Permit for a Special Purpose Fence (6 feet high in corner side yard) to be constructed on property located at 2190 Arthur Avenue, submitted by Gwendi and Jody Deal
  • Conditional Use Permit for a detached accessory building which exceeds principal building roof height  by 1’, located at 401 Q Street, submitted by Amanda and John Margrave
  • Minor Site Plan for Muttley Crue Dog Grooming, located at 535 North Front Street, submitted by Amber Parker.