Rock Springs Police Department Warns Residents of New Scam

Rock Springs Police Department Warns Residents of New Scam

ROCK SPRINGS — According to the Rock Springs Police Department, (RSPD), a fabricated company claiming to be out of Germany by the names of Hochtief Group Aktiengesellschaft or German Energy Company will attempt to hire employees through

An HR representative by the name of, Klaus Stumper offers employment with Hochtief Group Aktiengesellschaft through an e-mail. As part of the employment requirement, the new hire must purchase a software program, the RSPD stated.

Hochtief Group Aktiengesellschaft mails the new hire a check ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 in order for the person to purchase the software, and offers $150 from the check as a signing bonus. The checks all have the bank name of Commerce Bank and instructions are included on how to deposit the check via your mobile banking app. These checks are fraudulent and the funds will not be cleared by your banking institution.

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Therefore, the check will not be available and you will be out the value of the check, and any other additional fees. Please use extreme caution when receiving funds from sources you do not know.

The RSPD is actively investigating several cases where individuals have lost thousands of dollars due to this scam. If you have been a victim of this scam, please contact the RSPD at 307-352-1575 and speak with a detective.