Rock Springs residents eligible for sewer line warranties


ROCK SPRINGS – Rock Springs residents have begun receiving a letter from the city explaining the new, optional Sewer Line Warranty Program.

The warranty is sold by Service Line Warranties of America and “provides service or repair of the primary sanitary sewer line serving your residential home where the flow of the line is impeded due to normal wear and tear or tree roots.” Excluded from coverage are “any shared sewer line that provides service to multiple properties, detached houses, secondary buildings or branch lines, commercial properties, mobile homes, primary sanitary lines that are over 6 inches in diameter, lift stations or lift pumps, trash or grinder pumps or storm sewer lines.”

Residents can enroll in the warranty program by returning the form attached to the letter from the city, or calling 1-855-535-7141, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Residents may also enroll online at Terms and conditions can be viewed and downloaded at the web site. The web site also contains information about the Primary Water Service Line Warranty also sold by Service Line Warranties of America.