Rock Springs Woman Sentenced to 7 Years for Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Rock Springs Woman Sentenced to 7 Years for Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Kaila Marie Krotzer was sentenced to 7-10 years in prison after pleading no contest to second-degree sexual assault of a minor last year.

GREEN RIVER — A 30-year-old Rock Springs woman will spend at least the next seven years in the Wyoming Women’s Center in Lusk after pleading no contest to one count of second-degree sexual assault of a minor back in March 2020.

Kaila Krotzer entered her plea Thursday afternoon in Third District Court after pleading not guilty to four separate counts during her arraignment on June 18, 2020. Those counts included two first-degree felony charges of sexual abuse of a minor, one misdemeanor charge of endangering children, and one misdemeanor charge of violating a temporary order of protection.

Krotzer agreed to plead no contest to second-degree sexual assault of a minor on the second felony charge in exchange for having the other three charges dismissed.

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According to court documents, Krotzer, a registered counselor, accompanied a then 14-year-old boy, who was not in her custody, to a bonfire. While at the bonfire the two drank beer and later had sexual intercourse in her car. Krotzer had been counseling one of the minor’s family members at the time of the incident.

Defendant’s Statement

Krotzer told Judge Suzannah Robinson that she was “disgusted” by her actions and apologized to the victim’s family and anyone else she affected by the incident. She said “coming clean to my children” was going to be one of the hardest things she would face.

Krotzer’s attorney Joe Hampton asked the court for probation citing a long-history of emotional and physical abuse from his client’s parents and a boyfriend of eight years. He also said Krotzer likely suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome due to the circumstance from her past.

Hampton also shared research that suggests a sexual encounter between an adolescent male and adult woman does not result in negative outcomes for the male because males are more sexually ready as adolescents than females. He said the reason for that is “gender roles” and that those roles play an important part in shaping a person’s sexual readiness.

But Deputy County Attorney Lora Cooper said she’s tried many sexual abuse cases and almost all of the perpetrators share common arguments about their history. She also argued that a societal disconnect exists that creates a notion that “you can’t be a victim because you’re a boy.”


Judge Robinson told Krotzer that while she felt her statement was sincere and heartfelt, probation was not warranted in the case.

She said “consensual sex” can’t exist in a case where a minor, regardless of gender, is involved. Robinson said it didn’t matter if the minor didn’t feel like he was victimized as Hampton suggested. She said “he is a victim” because he’s a minor and “it’s illegal.”

Krotzer will be given credit for 302 days served in the Sweetwater County Detention Center while she awaited trial.