RS City Council to look at request from the RSPD to increase fees to obtain records and reports at Tuesday night’s meeting


ROCK SPRINGS – At the Tuesday night Rock Springs City Council meeting, the council will take action on several items including a request from the Rock Springs Police Department to increase fees charged to obtain records and reports from the RSPD Records Division.

Currently, the procedure of obtaining records is as follows. The applicant must fill out our Request for Release of Information form, provide photo identification or mail in a written request with a copy of photo identification that has been notarized. The RSPD has up to 10 business days to fulfill this request or give justification for denial. Following the completion of preparing the information, the applicant then pays a fee (as seen below) depending on the type of information.

  • $3 for accident reports
  • $1 for copy requests and background checks
  • 50 cents a page for all other reports
  • $1 per page for color copies
  • $10 for CD/DVDs

In the request by the records division to the council, it states that currently a lot of time is spent preparing and working on requests, and as our policy stands we only take fees when the applicant comes to pick up the records.

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“As a part of our new fee schedule, we would like to also begin taking the fee at the time of the request being filed,” the request reads. “This fee will be non-refundable even if the report is not releasable. Any additional fees that may apply will be collected at the time the request is picked up.”

If approved, the following fee schedule would be effective October 1, 2014:

  • $3 for accident reports (fee collected at the time of the request)
  • $3 for any accident where there is not a report
  • $5 for copy requests and background checks (fee collected at time of request) $5 for all other reports up to 10 pages, 50 cents per page after 10 pages ($5 collected at time of request, additional fee collected at the time of release) This includes CAD calls.
  • $1 per page for color photocopies (collected at pick-up, after cost is calculated)
  • $10 for CD/DVDs (collected at time of request)

The reasoning behind this increase is to help compensate for the time spent on each of these requests as well as the amount of paper being used. The request states at this time, in order to complete a background check that includes all contacts with the city of Rock Springs, the records technician must search four separate systems. That can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes.

In addition, the request reads the office is required to make an initial copy and proceed to redact and make a second copy of each item or document released. It also says the division has researched what other law enforcement agencies charge around the state of Wyoming. There is a range of costs across the state, but requiring a non-refundable fee as well as a higher charge is reasonable.


Rock Springs/Sweetwater County Airport

After several months of debating the increased costs to maintain one flight to Salt Lake, the Rock Springs Council will take action on the financial agreement between Sweetwater County and the cities of Rock Springs and Green River.

While SkyWest increased costs, the airport had to make the hard decision to drop one of the Salt Lake Flights to keep costs similar to last year’s subsidy. If approved by the Sweetwater County Commissioners, the city of Rock Springs and the city of Green River the new breakdown of costs will be:

Rock Springs shall pay 33 percent of the total quarterly invoice. The maximum exposure for the city of Rock Springs for the fiscal year contract shall be no more than $237,028.11.

Green River shall pay 22 Percent of the total quarterly invoice. The maximum exposure for the City of Green River for fiscal year contract shall be no more than $158,018.74.

The County shall be responsible for the remaining 45 Percent  of the total quarterly invoice. The Maximum exposure for the County for fiscal year contract shall be no more than $323,220.15. Each entity has to approve the agreement.


Liquor and event requests

The council will vote on several liquor catering requests from Lews Inc. including a liquor catering permit for the Cowboys Against Cancer event on Nov. 1 from 3 p.m. to midnight at the Sweetwater Events Complex.

There is also a request from Lews for permission to transfer a retail liquor license to cater two events in Kemmerer. The first is the South Lincoln Memorial Hospital Christmas Party on December 6, from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the South Lincoln Events Complex in Kemmerer and the second is for the Westmoreland Christmas Party on December 13, 2014, from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. also at the South Lincoln Events Complex.

The final request from Lews is for permission to amend the serving area for the Ride for Life benefit on September 20, and amend the event times to Noon running until 11 p.m.


Executive Session

There is also an executive session scheduled for the end of the meeting. The purpose of the session is to discuss real estate.